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We proudly serve children, families, and communities in Argentina. 100% of our funding goes directly to our efforts of building a better tomorrow in Argentina. #REPRESENTargentina


High inflation coupled with recent economic difficulties have put a strain on Argentina's family ties and forced many communities into poverty. Poverty is the leading risk factor for child abuse and child labor. When families are not able to provide food, shelter, and education for their children, they are subject to homelessness and marginalization.

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Argentina has the 4th Highest Inflation Rate in the World. High inflation puts economic pressure on families forcing children into homelessness and abandonment.


Due to the devaluation of the Argentine Peso, If you had the equivalent of $1,000 USD in 2010 in Argentine Pesos, it would only be worth $39 USD today.


67% of children in Argentina are living in poverty. Ironically, the average job in Argentina only earns $6.70 per day.

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800,000 estimated abandoned and marginalized children living in Argentina.

The Need In Argentina by the numbers

“Whoever receives and welcomes one of these little children in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me receives not only Me, but the One who sent Me.”

MARK 9:37 | AMP

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We proudly partner with local children's homes in Argentina, South America.

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We want to be defined as a hands-on missions organization. We work hard to fulfill the "SENT" part of REPRESENT. We are intentional about the going and the doing, and that is reflected in our work. We literally put boots on the ground, directly working with local leadership in children's homes and local communities to improve their lives in any way we can. 


When you give, you not only give for basic children's needs such as food and clothing, but you give to support projects such as these. Our goal is 100% independence for each children's home - our goal is to come along side of them to help them function on their own, without the need for charity. We want to teach them how to fish, not directly give them fish. 

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Despite its economic difficulties, Argentina (particularly Mendoza) is an absolutely beautiful place. Located at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, Mendoza has some of the most stunning views in the world. The photos in the gallery below share a glimpse into the culture and beauty of Argentina.