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      REPRESENT Missions exists to allow every person to REPRESENT THEIR MISSION  to support a cause that they believe in. We exist to allow each member of the body of Christ to join our team to change the lives of orphans in Argentina. Missions is at its absolute best when everyone does what they can, and there is no better example of that teamwork than by Betty Rawlings.

      Betty Rawlings is the grandmother of REPRESENT Missions Founder, Ty Rawlings that has come up with a creative way to do her part for missions. As an avid and passionate cook, and author of several cookbooks, she has re-created two beloved cookbooks in a digital format. She hand-typed each cookbook as her way to not only benefit missions but also make these cookbooks more accessible and available to everyone. 


2021 Cookbook.JPG

      Download Instructions:   

  1.  Click Donate button below to make a tax-deductible donation of which your funds go directly to missions. There is no specific donation amount: you give whatever you are inclined to give :)

  2. After you complete the donation form, you will be automatically redirected after to a new page with access to download both books.

  3. Each cookbook will be in a Google Drive folder for you to download and enjoy! Blessings.

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