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Our long-term missions internship program. Whether it's going to pick kids up from school, leading a daily devotional group, or leading one of our sustainability projects - send it. Go big and give it your all. 

send It

The success of any children's home is determined by those willing to sacrifice their time, energy, and resources towards one main goal - to love God's children. In order to make that happen, we need people that physically GO to our children's home.  We need volunteers to travel to Argentina to work daily with our kids and share the love of Christ. 

What are long-TERM MISSIONary internships?

Perhaps you feel called to missions, but you aren't sure where begin, or maybe you really enjoy working with children and you are looking for a place to get involved? Maybe you are an engineer or entrepreneur and would like to work on a community sustainability project in another country? Or maybe you really want to learn the Argentine way to speak Spanish and teach English classes to our children in the process? 

We always need extra help at our children's homes. This is a perfect opportunity for young adults or gap year students that want to take a season of life to travel abroad and make an impact while doing so. 

how long is long-TERM?

The internships typically last 2 months to 1 year. A minimum of time is required to establish relationships with the staff and children and to familiarize oneself with the local area. 

What about meals and housing?

You would stay in the dorm with other interns on campus of the orphanage but apart and separate from the kids. You would have access to a private kitchen and bathroom. Your meals you would eat with the kids or you could cook on your own if you so choose.


What would a typical day feel like?

Each intern would have varying roles and responsibilities. They may include things such as meal preparation, dorm cleaning, facility maintenance, washing dishes and laundry, leading a devotional group, construction projects, discipleship and mentorship, driving kids to school, lawn care, arts and crafts, teaching english or tutoring with homework, organizing volunteers, assisting with local church, aiding Argentine social services, and most importantly playing lots of games with our kids like soccer, basketball, volleyball, jumprope, hopscotch, etc.

Will i get to travel argentina?

We want you to explore the beauty of Argentina. We recommend that while you are here that you travel to Patagonia and Buenos Aires (both under 2 hour flights), and of course, get to know Mendoza really well. 


Obviously, there could be a bazillion more specific questions that you may have. We would love to answer any questions you may have about the program, the home, or Argentina. For more information, contact us to ask us your questions!

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